Thursday 6 June 2019

Exploring Mental Health in Art and Film

In today's post we announce two events celebrating the work of project PERFECT, both to be held later this month. Both events are part of the Arts and Science Festival at the University of Birmingham. PERFECT hosted three academic workshops, one on belief in 2016, one on memory in 2017, and one on confabulation in 2018. In 2019 we want to see whether some core themes of the project can be conveyed to a wider public via the means of artistic expression.

We have planned the screening of a film, Mani Rosse (Red Hands) by Francesco Filippi; and an art exhibition entitled Pouring Water Through a Telescope in collaboration with the Art Recovery Group at the Barber Institute. Both events celebrate the role of imagination in promoting growth and healing. Both events explore the importance of personal relationships in wellbeing and success.


Film screening

Where: Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham 
When: 18th June, doors open at 6pm.
For whom: All welcome. Film suitable for young adults (+12). Tickets free.

Luna and Ernesto in Red Hands

The film addresses issues of domestic violence and friendship. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with experts in youth mental health and there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions to the film director and the experts.

For some more information, and to read a statement by the director, go here.

  • Francesco Filippi, director and screenwriter.
  • Michael Larkin, clinical psychologist, Aston University.
  • Bonny Astor, facilitator who leads philosophy and mental health discussion groups.
  • Gemma Hickman and Lucy Wright, experts by experience.
Register for the film screening for free on this Eventbrite page.


Art exhibition

Where: ERI Building Foyer, Edgbaston Campus, Birmingham
When: 26th June, 5:30-7:30pm. Just drop in.
For whom: All welcome. Refreshments available. Tickets free.

Every Passing Hour by Magdalena Antrobus

This is a special event, part of the Green Heart Festival at the University of Birmingham. This Summer, the theme of the Festival is CELEBRATION, and with this art exhibition we celebrate the power of imagination as a means of self-discovery, healing, and growth.

Please join us after work for a drink and some finger food to see some beautiful artwork, meet the artists, and learn more about project PERFECT. One of the artists exhibiting, Magdalena Antrobus, was a PhD student on project PERFECT in 2014-2017 (with a thesis on epistemic and psychological benefits of depression) and is now a full-time artist.

Register for the art exhibition for free on this Eventbrite page.

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